Select One: Episode 3



There are very few people in this world that can light up a stage quite like Sam Paulino. The rapper, singer, songwriter – paired with the unparalleled beat production provided by SombaJuju – has been blowing up festival stages with his versatile vocal textures as one of the integral roles in Vermont's hometown hero collective 99 Neighbors. He didn't just get a lucky ticket though; His work ethic and track record speak clearly for themselves. Before the release of Television in January 2019, and signing with Paradigm Talent AgencyNice Work later that year, the young up-and-comer had already put out 23 solo tracks, including his Freshman and Sophomore releases The South Cove EP, and Collision – all of which equally showcase his gifts of writing, rapping, and singing. Before it all hit the fan, I was blessed to have walked around Burlington to pick Sam's brain about his family upbringing, his introduction and journey through his career in music, his creative workflow, his ideal jewelry, and more.