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Select One: Episode 1



Luie La Hart, AKA “Loupo” is one of the first producers I discovered in Burlington who had put out an official release from a record label that I was already following. The 12-track masterpiece, Good Company, released in February of 2017 via MelodySoul, is hands-down one of my favorite albums of all time. With features from multiple talents including Danny Whitney, Steph Wilson, Max Bronstein, Feé, Crusty Cuts, Nick Giordani, and Burlington heavyweight, Es-K, the album is an absolute must-have for your morning inspiration playlist. Since that albums release, the Montpelier, VT native has gone on to release several new works. In this episode of Select One, Luie and I walk around Burlington as I get the backstory on his introduction to music production, learn what brought him out to Burlington, discuss the progression of his career, and hear his thoughts on the Burlington music scene. 

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