Select One: Episode 11



Josh Sweeney, AKA "In.stinct" is one of the many hidden gems in the Vermont beat scene. With 10 years of guitar experience under his belt, sprinkled with some saxophone training as well, the Georgia, VT native – now residing in Saint Albans – has 13 beat tapes released via his Bandcamp platform fully-packed with cinema audio cuts, soulful melodies & vocal samples chopped up over smooth, driving hip-hop drum breaks. When In.stinct moved into Burlington for a brief period of time with close friend and contemporary beatsmith Dokowala, I was able to link up with the young Knxwledge-inspired samplist to walk around Burlington and "chop it up" for a bit. In this episode of Select One, we touch on his daily routines, hear his opinions on the Burlington music culture, and discuss where he sees himself going forward as he continues to find his way through a career as a beat producer.