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Select One: Episode 12



Burlington-born beat producer, videographer, and photographer, Ben Kennedy, AKA "" is loaded to the brim with unique creativity, energy, and skill. With video and photo collaborations under his belt alongside the likes of Loupo, Jarv, Es-K, Charlie Atkins, Sasha Travis and more, his current M.O. is working closely with local artists in the Burlington rap scene, and  creating high-quality audio/visual projects with them. In this episode of Select One, he and I walk around downtown Burlington while I ask him to share certain aspects of his story; some of which include: his family history, musical inspirations and aspirations, his gear setup, the challenges that come with being in the creative media industry, business as a freelance videographer, his failures, his successes, as well as his mindset and philosophy behind finding balance while on the come up as a media artist in Burlington. 

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