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Select One: Episode 5



Have you ever discovered a new song and immediately assumed that the artist who created it was already rich and famous? That's the reaction that I had the first time that I heard "Mimosas" back in early 2017. It was at that moment that I learned that Vermont was the home of something very, very special. HANKNATIVE, one-third of the fundamental core of Nice Work's new star collective, 99 Neighbors, puts everything that he has into each one of his pieces of music – and you can feel it. The Burlington-born creative has been writing his thoughts, feelings and ideas into his notes app ever since he was in middle school, but after many years of sharpening his skills as a vocalist, Hank released his debut album, Problem Childin September 2018. Not long after that, 99 Neighbors released their debut album,Television. Within 2 1/2 months, the album had already hit 1 million plays. Now, one could say that the rest is history, but I would much rather say that this legacy is just beginning. In this episode of Select One, I walked around the neighborhood with "HC" and got a chance to look into his mind for a little bit. We talked about his inspirations, his motivations, philosophies behind his work as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and more.

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