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Select One: Episode 2



Lucas Gledhill, stage name “CRWD CTRL” is without a doubt one of Burlington’s most underrated music treasures. Originating from upstate New York, the jazz-rooted DJ/graphic designer started his musical journey very early on in his childhood at his grandmothers house, finding rhythm pockets while banging on pots and pans. After stumbling across a vinyl DJ class (I’ll let you listen to him explain how this actually happened, because the story is incredible), his life took a dramatic turn for the better, which lead to him performing in multiple big cities including Miami, Denver, San Diego, Boston, NYC, as well as holding down a residency on Chicago House FM. In this episode of Select One, we walk you through the curious, compelling, amusing saga that has ultimately shaped CRWD CTRL into the deep, funky, soulful DJ that he is today.

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